Dan Bartlett

Originally from Bristol, but currently living and working as a web developer in Bath. When not coding I am usually reading, writing or meditating. Most of this site is dedicated to my own articles, links and instruction on meditation, mindfulness, awakening, philosophy and anything in between.

I am the founder of OpenSit, a social network and online practice journal for meditators. You can follow me on Twitter fork me on GitHub or connect on Linked


  • 28 Sep 2013
    Meditation on the breath
    A guide to following the breath. Focusing on the breath brings calm and stillness to our meditation, and prepares the mind for insight.
  • 17 Jun 2013
    What is meditation?
    What is meditation? It is the practice of freedom through insight. It is waking up to our lives. It is training the mind. It is expressing our true nature.
  • 24 May 2013
    Because we care
    The same desire that fuels our dissatisfaction is also the very compassion that brings us to the cushion, to begin afresh and discover deep freedom.