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I'm back on the internet! I'm excited to be writing again and sharing new projects.

After a few years of staying quiet on the internet front, I have decided to get this site up and running again, although it’s barely recognisable from previous incarnations. I will be keeping up a blog of sorts here, but my primary intent for this site is to function as a launch pad / base camp for the various projects I am working on.

I spent most of 2011 travelling around India, Nepal and South East Asia, which was exciting, over-indulgent, humbling and reinvigorating. Not long after I got back I turned 25 which was a big enough number to make me get serious about what I want to achieve, and to take concrete steps towards those ends. I remember reading on Tim Boucher’s old website years ago that everything changed for him when he turned 25, and I feel the same.

A lot of what I want to do relates in some way to meditation and mindfulness, as I’ve been engaging with both (obsessively at times) for nearly 4 years, to understand how I tick, and to realise the deepest peace and freedom possible, wherever that may take me. This sustained practise has changed me, made me happier, and helped me to see some very strange and profound facts that we all have access to, but that we mostly fail to notice. Fortunately anyone can train their mind to see in this way.

My other focus relates to various philosophical affirmations of the process-based, undivided, and radically self-organising world discovered by scientists and contemplatives, and a big picture of humanity in the shared context of an evolving cosmos.

Out of these drives I am starting to tidy up and publish several years of notes and writings into a collection of pages that will probably form the basis of a book in the future.

On the philosophical front I am primarily interested in the shared human discovery of immanence – the fundamental open-ness of reality; its deep interconnectedness, its lack of fundamental breaks (dualisms), its lack of organising Other, heavenly Above or transcendent Beyond.

This is to say that most of the breaks/boundaries we assume for day to day living do not exist in actuality. Reality is seamless and fluid and the apparent boundaries between body/mind, matter/life and self/other are not real distinctions, but convenient labels for complex non-linear planes of interaction. Recognition of immanence necessitates that we move away from views that impute inherent existence (essences) to the phenomena around us, and instead cultivate attitudes that recognise both the conditioned and contextual aspects of phenomena.

This multidimensional mapping of immanence has occured through science (physical causality), philosophy (linguistic-conceptual inter-relation) and spirituality (experiential non-duality), and each have contributed to our understanding of immanence from their own perspective. As our cultural worldviews and personal reality-tunnels have soaked up the implications of immanence, our freedom and self-determination have increased.

However, immanence is not realised through a linear process of discovery: immanence can only be unveiled through a dialogue with transcendence, and the resultant dissolution of transcendental thought structures. The beginning of this dialogue was the emergence of the human subject itself, some 50 to 100 thousand years ago.

Meditation is the internalisation of these same truths on a personal level. I will be writing plenty of material for anyone who wants to practise Vipassana to gain profound life-altering insight and develop a sense of happiness, contentment and peace not dependent upon conditions.

Thanks for visiting, stay tuned!

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