A brief, semi-professional introduction

  1. I’ve worked in early-stage startups for 10 years, usually wearing the CTO hat. In 2019, I became a cofounder and Head of Engineering at Almanac through their $9m seed raise and in the lead up to a $34m Series A raise in 2021. I was also the founder of a meditation community called OpenSit which was acquired in 2017. Before taking on leadership roles, I worked as a Ruby engineer. I’ve also worked as an EM at GoCardless.
  2. I’ve meditated for nearly 15 years, starting out with Insight Meditation (vipassanā) but moving over into Western wisdom traditions. These practices have remade my perception of self, world and the sacred, and I spend a lot of time thinking about where contemplative insight sits in the bigger picture of wisdom.
  3. I’ve had various mental health struggles—mostly anxiety/panic disorders but also depression after I went through divorce and severe burnout simultaneously in 2020.
  4. For a few years I got hooked on running ultramarathons. I ran 100km in a day and raised £1200 for the mental health charity, Mind.

Add all that together and you get an attitude of enduring curiousity, geeky rigour and contemplative heart.

Timeline and trivia

I’m new here, where should I start?

Finally, I’ve also run several other websites in the past, most recently how to human being. Everything I’ve written now lives here. I’ve also created an archive of some older pages.

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