I help people focus, thrive and transform through coaching and mentoring.

Dan Bartlett coach

My approach to helping people was forged in a decade of leading teams and companies in Tech, in struggles with mental health during those times, my training as a transformative coach, and 15 years of meditation practice.

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Who do you work with?

People are often people are drawn to work with me because we’ve gone through similar experiences, such as:

That said, I enjoy working with anyone poised to change, so please get in contact even if we’ve walked in different worlds.

How do you work with people?

Despite the different approaches, each draws on the core insight that freedom and profound possibility can arise for us when we recognise the pain caused by our own limiting beliefs.


Why do I need coaching?

You are excited by a new possibility. Or perhaps striving to be free of an old entanglement.

Yet too often these stirrings stay locked in your head.

You give them attention but find yourself tied up in the same inner monologues.

Coaching is a way of bringing those stirrings out into the open: clearing away the mist, finding clarity and connecting with the courage to move forward.

It’s the dedicated time and space you need to unpack your feelings, fears and desires.

To move from inkling to action.

How does coaching work?

All you need to bring is an aspiration or struggle. It doesn’t have to be crystal clear yet: we’ll spend time tracing its outlines. I will set up our container, hold the space and facilitate the dialogue. You will have freedom to think and we’ll explore the territory together, wherever it takes us.

I don’t know the answers in advance, but I know what tools, challenges & lines of inquiry will get us there. As we talk, the a-ha! moments will open up new insights and angles. As we close, I’ll help you convert those insights into tangible changes you can take back into your day.

What does it look like?

  1. First, we have a discovery call where I get to understand what you’re bringing. I’ll also introduce myself and share more on how I work. Some people come to coaching with a clear goal in mind. Others just have a sense of something being off or wanting more. Either option is a valid way to begin.
  2. Each coaching session is 1 hour long, and they can happen weekly or fortnightly. At each session, we’ll check in to see where things are at, what questions you’re bringing today and what would be most useful in the time we have. Some sessions are very exploratory, while others might be more strategic. This variation is normal and depends on where you are right now.
  3. There is no minimum engagement, but I offer discounts for 6 sessions and recommend this length to see the full benefits.
  4. All of this usually happens over Zoom, but if you’re in Bristol, UK we can work in person and even do some thinking outside! 🌳⛰️
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About me


I’ve spent the last 10 years building teams and companies and have been writing code for nearly 20 years. Here are some highlights:

Dan Bartlett coach

With the Almanac team in San Francisco.


I’ve spent my life navigating these different spaces and as a result feel equally at home in the personal, professional or philosophical.

Why I coach


People are often unsure what coaching involves, so here are some short FAQs that might help. If you’re still unsure, book a free discovery call and I can help explain the details.