Do I need coaching or mentoring?

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Each way I work with people contains some balance of coaching and mentoring. Coaching is about drawing out, whereas mentoring focuses on putting in.

For example, life coaching is mostly drawing out what you want and what’s standing in the way. Only you can know these things. Generic advice isn’t going to cut it. It is empowering rather than directive. It allows you to think freely, and as a result coaching carries the biggest potential for transformation.

Executive coaching has a similar approach but I will bring my own experience as a founder into conversation, to help you.

Mentoring people who work in Tech involves more guidance and advice. Having worked as a Ruby engineer, manager and founder at both small and large companies, I can support you on a range of topics, such as: improving your craft, better advocating for yourself, moving up the ladder, transitioning into management & growing as a manager.

You don’t need to worry about which is right for you; I’ll adjust based on what your goals are.

—Dan Bartlett
11 Nov 2023

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