I am passionate about early-stage companies and have spent most of my career working inside of them; first as an engineer and manager, and later as a founder.

I draw on all of this experience to support startups and scaleups in the many challenges of getting an idea off of the ground: from MVP development and technology choices up to user testing, roadmapping, hiring and go-to-market. My involvement can take on different formats, from time-boxed support to longer-term advisory roles. I sometimes work as a Fractional CTO.

My experience

I’ve worked in startups for over a decade, often wearing the CTO hat. In 2019, I became a co-founder and Head of Engineering at Almanac through their $9m seed raise and in the lead-up to a $34m Series A raise in 2021. I was also the founder of a meditation community called OpenSit which was acquired in 2017. Before taking on leadership roles, I worked as a Ruby engineer. I’ve also worked in larger tech companies like the Fintech unicorn, GoCardless. You can view my LinkedIn profile here.

You can read my full resume here.

How do I get started?