Go Long: Shitlaning

11 Nov '18 • Filed under go-long • Tagged: Go long, Cycling

A wet, muddy 70km ride. It took 3 hours 15 minutes at an average heart rate of 113bpm and an average speed of 22 km/h, leaving a 900 calorie hole.

‘Go Long’ are short reports from my weekend mini-adventures on bike and foot, as I continue to train for more ultramarathons and Ironman. They are most likely of interest to other endurance masochists, as well as those looking for new running and cycling routes around Bath and Bristol.

That line of shit continued up my neck into my hair 💩
That line of shit continued up my neck into my hair 💩

I made the rookie mistake of trusting the weather report this morning, and didn’t pack a rain coat️.

It was all ok for a while but the rain got worse and worse until I was soaked through and started losing temperature. After we stopped for coffee I started shivering, and it got plenty worse from then on.

I had a horrendous half hour trying to hold on down some shitty, slippery lanes whilst violently shaking. I thought I was going to have to stop and call for an emergency wife pickup, but chattered through it and managed to go from borderline hypothermia to merely freezing by the end, and got home safe 🏡

Thanks for the pic and special memories Timsbury Cycle Group.

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