I’m back

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It’s been nearly 2 years, but I’m back writing again.

What happened? Well, I cofounded Almanac with some very smart people, and then this year we raised $9m in seed funding. Which was great news, but of course, also the reason I stopped writing.

Things are no less busy now, but I would like to share more thoughts, spurred on by so much of what is happening in the world at the moment: racial violence, global pandemic, political polarisation and an increasing intolerance of open discussion.

My first post on More black voices to pay attention to is now up.

What else is in the pipeline? I want to expand the scope of how to human being to cover its original aim of sharing the most useful ideas around physical, emotional, rational, social and spiritual unfolding, and how they relate to eachother. In tough times, everyone brings forward their biggest ideas, and for us to truly rise to the challenge we can’t afford to leave any level out.

Expect posts on critical thinking, meditation and spiritual yearnings, and what it means to be woke. There will be book reviews. There will also be more running reports—I have my first ultra of the year next weekend—and a guide to running well which will answer the questions I most frequently get asked about running.

I hope you enjoy!

—Dan Bartlett
8 Aug 2020

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