My favourite Huel porridge recipe

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I’ve written a lot about Huel before. These days, I mostly eat Huel with overnight oats: a Huel bircher or protein-packed porridge, if you will.



My go-to Huel porridge recipe is:

The one scoop of Huel is enough to sweeten the porridge; no other sweeteners are necessary.

Make it the night before and leave in the fridge. The frozen fruit will be soft by the morning. I eat it cold but if you wanted to heat yours up, I’d recommend stirring in the Huel after heating.

There is a trend on Instagram to make pretty, many-layered birchers in rustic mason jars. It’s breakfast: no-one cares and no-one is watching. Bang it in a bowl, stir it up and plonk it in the fridge.

Other ideas

—Dan Bartlett
1 Jan 2022

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