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What is a mystic?

I owe you an explanation: why am I using the term mystic, and what does a mystic do? In reading this, what on Earth have you signed up for? Pick your pain To talk about anything relating to inner work, meditation and self-realisation requires the adoption of some unsavoury term, complete with several hundred years of unwanted associations. Sam Harris wrangled over this whilst writing Waking Up and decided to embrace ‘spirituality’ for his purposes.

This is not a blog

The rapid ascent of the blog You are not reading a blog. But the blog has taken over the Internet. In 2000, there were a few thousand blogs. As of 2021, there are around 600 million. Before the blog, homepages had to be manually stitched together by people who knew how to code. As a result they were relatively unique and the authors came up with their own quirky ways of curating the things they thought most interesting.

What do I write about?

My writings tend to revolve around a few reocurring themes: Investing in perennial practises over short-term lifehacks. This means cultivating the slow habits that really make a difference to our minds and bodies. This is achieved through prioritising consistency and cultivating a skepticism towards the immediate solution. Protecting ourselves against the misdirection of attention from things that appear to provide fulfilment and instead focusing on those timeless sources of fulfilment under our noses.