What I'm doing this year—modern mystic

In 2023, I’m trying something different. Instead of covering the usual cornucopia of productivity, tech, social commentary & mental health, I will be doubling down on what I care most about: meditation, wisdom and awakening. I will be doing this on my personal website, but under a new banner: modern mystic. This takeover will last a year. I have other themes that will follow in the coming years. This is a long game.

Winter holidaying in Cwmystwyth

I needed some time off. As part of an effort to spend less and explore more of what’s around me, I booked a week away near a village called Cwmystwyth in Ceredigion, Wales. It’s easily drivable from Bristol and I also have friends a little further North, near Machynlleth. I picked it as I wanted to be somewhere remote, near mountains and running water. Check. Airbnb near Cwmystwyth Cwmystwyth is a small village nestled alongside the river Ystwyth, which flows all the way west to Aberystwyth.