My favourite Huel porridge recipe

I’ve written a lot about Huel before. These days, I mostly eat Huel with overnight oats: a Huel bircher or protein-packed porridge, if you will. Why? Texture. Mixing Huel with porridge oats gives it a different texture and soaking overnight makes it creamier. Cost. Bulking Huel out with oats makes it much cheaper and makes that Huel bag last a lot longer. Protein. I use Black Edition for the extra dose of protein; you’ll get about 20g protein from the single scoop alone.

How to make a sourdough tin loaf

Sourdough is the old-time bread: delicious, nutritious, and easy to make. So on-trend that even your barista will be left in awe at your yeasty adventures. If you’re a millennial you’ll already be spending 50% of your salary on avocado on toasted sourdough, and as such will be familiar with its chewy texture and complex taste. This flavour is all the more impressive considering it’s made with just flour and water.