Drinking after being 6 months sober

As we took off for our honeymoon to Switzerland, I had already decided that I’d probably have a drink. I hadn’t drunk any alcohol in 6 months. I’d originally planned to stop drinking for 3 months, but felt so good that I just stuck with it. I’d never planned to stay sober forever, and as the honeymoon approached, it felt like a time and place I wanted to enjoy a drink.

Lessons from 3 months without booze

Earlier this year I read Catherine Gray’s The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober and decided to stop drinking for 3 months: a Sober Spring. It seemed to arrive at the perfect time for me, as I’d become fed up (again) with drinking, hangovers, and the effect of both on my anxiety. Well… the 3 months have gone quickly and smoothly! Here I want to talk about my biggest lessons, and how shit-faced I got the day it all finished.

10 reasons why I’m not drinking this Spring

It’s already been 2 weeks since I had my last drink, and for the next 3 or so months, I won’t be drinking any alcohol. So far my war medals include surviving an afterparty with a free bar, living with 6 bottles of leftover wedding wine, and managing to eat a delicious leg of lamb without a red wine chaser. I know, right? #FirstWorldProblems But why? I’m not here to preach or convince you—these are just my reasons for trying Sober Spring, with a little extra information thrown in for the curious.